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Beaverton Schools


Please Call 503-356-2641
Reporting Absences

Research shows that students who are chronically absent (more than 10 days per year) have a reduced chance of success in school. If you are absent from school for any reason, your parent is required to call the attendance line at 503-356-2641 by 8:45 a.m. on the day of your absence to report that you will not be present.  This is a voice mail line and it is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. When calling in to report an absence, your parent/guardian must state your name, date(s) and the specific reason for the absence.
If your parent does not call the school to report your absence, you need to bring a signed note from your parent/guardian.  Include the date(s) and specific reason for the absence.  Take the note to the front office before school on the first day of your return. 

Excused Absences include:

  • Your illness, illness or death of a family member, and/or emergencies.

Unexcused Absences are those for which:

  • You do not have permission from your parent/guardian, teacher, or an administrator to miss school or classes.

Prearranged Absences are for:

  • Medical or dental appointments.
  • Family trips. (These must be prearranged by your parent/guardian at least one day in advance, either by phone or by sending a written note to school with you)

​You must:

  • Ask the Attendance Secretary for a prearranged absence form.
  • Show the form to your teachers; obtain their signatures and homework (if your absence will be longer than one day).
  • Return the form to the attendance office.
  • Sign out at the attendance office if you have a prearranged excuse and need to leave school during the day.
  • Sign in at the attendance office if you return to school the same day.
  • As a safety measure, parents/guardians will be notified if their son/daughter is not in school after first period attendance is submitted.  Our Attendance Secretary will call parents/guardians directly to make contact.

Truancy Policy
We have a strict truancy policy at Meadow Park.  If you are absent more than 10% of the time you are supposed to be in school, your counselor will contact your parent/guardian.  Parents/guardians will be expected to provide a valid reason for the absences. Students will be expected to make up any missing work depending on the reason for the absence.  Absence reports are pulled every two-three weeks to determine which students are at-risk.  If you show up on our absence report and your attendance does not improve, administrators will intervene.  If attendance still does not improve, we will send your case to our truancy officer.  

Hall Passes/Student Planner
You must have a hall pass and/or student planner anytime you are out of class. You are expected to take care of all personal needs during passing time and to bring all necessary books and supplies to class. Each student is issued a student planner and is expected to bring it to every class except for PE.

Tardy Policy
We expect students to be prepared to begin class on time.  Each teacher will record tardies for each period during a semester. Excessive tardies will result in disciplinary action.  

Make-Up Work
Parents, if your child will be absent for two or more days, you may call the receptionist and request homework. Please allow one day for collecting the assignments. Homework requests are not processed for one day's absence. Students who are absent are expected to complete all assignments missed. This includes PE – please see your PE teacher for a make-up slip. The time given for making up work is usually equal to the number of days absent. 

Field Trips
The District Parent Permission form with the accompanying medical waiver must be completed and signed by your parent/guardian before attending any field trip. While on the field trip, you are expected to follow all school rules since this is an activity that is sponsored by the school or district.  Consistent non-compliance will result in your immediate removal from the field trip.  Parents/guardians will be asked to pick up students if their behavior impedes the safety of other students.  Administrators will follow up with appropriate consequences for misbehavior.​