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Meadow Park Theater Company

About MPTC

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What is Meadow Park Theater Company?

Meadow Park Theater Company is the after school drama program at Meadow Park. It’s a place for students to build community, learn skills, and work together as a team to create exceptional theater. 


Why would I want to do it? 

Students often talk about MPTC being a place where they

  • make a lot of friends,
  • feel accepted for who they are,
  • are challenged to be their best, and where they
  • have a lot of fun! 

Do I need to be in Drama Classes to Participate? 

No! Anyone can be involved in a MPTC show. 


Auditioning sounds scary! 

It’s not! Everyone involved in the process is super supportive, and auditions are simple readings, or exercises. 


Do some people not get cast? 

No! MPTC is a place for everyone. If you audition you will get a part in a show. 


I want to do tech (Sets, Costumes, Lights, Sound, Props). How do I do that? 

There are packets of info for actors, and techies before each show. Grab a packet from the drama room, fill it out and return it by the deadline! 


How do I hear about when things are happening? 

Join the Parentsquare Group for updates, audition notices, and special announcements. 


How do I do that? 

Go to parentsquare, Log in and follow the instructions below.

How to join MPTC Group on Parentsquare


Coming Soon to the Meadow Park Stage

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Want to know what MPTC is up to this year? How you, or your student can get involved?  


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Rehearsal Schedules

Current Show info and Rehearsal Calendars.

Rehearsal Schedule

About Our Team

Want to learn about the folks that make MPTC so spiecal? Click Here.

Our Team

Past Productions 

Want to see production photos & Playbills from previous performances? Info about shows?

Past Productions 


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